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Nicolle Halksworth

Marketing Consultant
 Founder of Cambridge Marketing Consultancy

I began consulting in 2012 with the goal of sharing my extensive business, human behaviour and marketing knowledge, skills, and expertise with companies, individuals, and brands. 


I collaborate with leadership teams, providing practical strategies and perspectives on leveraging marketing tactics to help them scale their businesses, launch new ventures, improve marketing strategies, and mentor and coach business leaders and their teams.


My background is in psychology, business development, and marketing. Over the last few decades, I've worked with various UK and global companies and startups in the financial services, health and fitness and engineering sectors.


Although the challenges, threats and opportunities differ across various industries, the fundamental principles of marketing, business development, and sales are similar across all sectors.

Qualifications & Experience 

Strategic Marketing 

CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing 

Human Behaviour

BSc Honours Degree in Psychology 


CISL - High Impact Leadership for Sustainability Course

Coaching & Mentorship

FA Level 1 Coaching

CIM Mentor