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Hotel Bellevue, located in the picturesque village of Davos Wiesen, Switzerland, offers a unique blend of ski, bike, and hike experiences amidst the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps. With its charming accommodations and diverse outdoor activities, Hotel Bellevue attracts adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking unforgettable mountain getaways.


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Client Challenge

Despite its idyllic setting and diverse offerings, Hotel Bellevue faced challenges in effectively reaching its target audience and differentiating itself in the competitive hospitality market. The hotel sought to enhance its marketing efforts to increase brand awareness, attract more guests, and drive bookings throughout the year.



As their marketing consultancy partner, our team collaborated closely with Hotel Bellevue's management to develop a tailored marketing strategy to maximise the hotel's visibility and appeal to adventure travellers.


Key Steps


Market Analysis and Positioning

  • Conducted market research to understand the preferences and behaviours of adventure travellers, including skiers, bikers, and hikers.
  • Leveraged insights to refine Hotel Bellevue's brand positioning as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking immersive mountain experiences in the Swiss Alps.


Digital Marketing Optimisation

  • Audited Hotel Bellevue's digital presence, including the website, social media profiles, and online travel platforms, to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Revamped the hotel's website to enhance user experience, showcase its unique offerings, and optimised content for search engines to increase online visibility.

Content Marketing and Engagement

  • Developed a content marketing strategy centred around outdoor adventure themes, including ski trail guides, biking routes, hiking tips, and local attractions.
  • Created engaging blog posts, videos, and social media content to inspire and inform prospective guests, highlighting the beauty and adventure opportunities in Davos Wiesen.


Seasonal Campaigns and Packages

  • Designed seasonal marketing campaigns and package offerings tailored to the preferences and interests of different traveller segments, such as ski packages in winter and biking packages in summer.
  • Implemented targeted advertising campaigns across digital channels to promote these packages and drive bookings during peak seasons.


Local Partnerships and Experiential Marketing

  • Formed partnerships with local adventure outfitters, ski resorts, and tour operators to offer guests exclusive experiences and discounts.
  • Organised experiential marketing events, such as guided hikes, bike tours, and ski clinics, to showcase Hotel Bellevue's unique offerings and foster connections with potential guests.


The marketing consultancy service delivered tangible results, contributing to Hotel Bellevue's growth and success in the competitive hospitality market:


Increased Brand Visibility

Hotel Bellevue's enhanced digital presence, engaging content, and targeted marketing efforts raised awareness of the hotel's offerings among adventure travellers, increasing website traffic and inquiries.

Growth in Bookings

The seasonal campaigns, package offerings, and targeted advertising campaigns generated a significant increase in bookings, particularly during peak seasons, resulting in improved occupancy rates and revenue.


Enhanced Guest Experience

The partnerships with local adventure providers and experiential marketing initiatives enriched the guest experience, encouraging repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth referrals.



By aligning marketing strategies with Hotel Bellevue's unique offerings and target audience preferences, our consultancy service helped the hotel position itself as a premier destination for adventure travellers seeking memorable mountain experiences in Davos Wiesen.


With continued collaboration and innovation, Hotel Bellevue is well-positioned to attract more guests and thrive in the competitive hospitality industry.


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