Grow your business, understand your customers better and enhance your marketing capabilities

Empowering you and your team to get the most out of your marketing

In my role as a marketing consultant - I offer training sessions to individuals, teams, and organisations.


Filling knowledge gaps and upskilling you and your team to maximise the potential of marketing, digital marketing, social media, business development, leadership and networking.


Suggested training areas:


  • Elevating your social media presence
  • Building personal brand and 'Thought Leadership' strategy
  • Understanding customer behaviour and decision-making
  • Taking control of your website
  • Learn how to use CMS to make website updates
  • Approach networking with confidence
  • Analyse your data and interpret the results of your campaigns
  • Using AI to enhance your marketing 
  • Event planning and execution  



Marketing training can be customised to fulfil your and your team's specific requirements. While training can be offered as a separate service, it is much more efficient when combined with a marketing consultancy package.


The total cost will depend on the scope, duration, training needs, and budget.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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