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Building customer relationships at Cambridge Marketing Consultancy


Building a successful business relies heavily on your ability to respond to, understand and satisfy customer needs better than your competitors.


Today’s ‘consumer’ world is highly competitive and the rising popularity of social media platforms, blogging, content marketing, SEO, sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and targeted e-mail technology have significantly increased the ways in which companies engage with their customer base.


In addition, the range of choice and decision making opportunities for customers both online have grown beyond all recognition, making it increasingly more important for brands and companies to offer their customers a higher level of service and better value for their money.


Value or the ‘perceived value’ of your service or product plays a vital role in building customer loyalty and trust, especially in a market where many competitors seem to be offering a similar solution, product or service.


Companies that offer excellent customer service or value and really understand their audience’s needs stand a much better chance of success than those who ignore their customers and continue to offer inadequate or poorly received offerings.


A good relationship marketing strategy should be an essential part of your overall marketing plan and should help you to gain a competitive advantage in a highly saturated market.  

For guidance on how to build long-term relationships, increase customer loyalty and attract new clients, call Cambridge Marketing Consultancy.