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Cambridge Marketing Consultancy Acquires New Clients


When I set out on my journey earlier this year; to provide essential marketing services to small, local & independent businesses in Cambridge; I can honestly tell you that I didn't expect to have more than one active client within the first year of deciding to take the plunge and go it alone as a freelance marketing consultant (although I had hoped and planned for more…). So I am absolutely delighted to announce that, less than 6 months in, I have just taken on my third client – fantastic!


Small businesses in Cambridge are growing and in my opinion, the most successfully companies will be those that apply the effort required; remain focused; invest and plan effectively and above all, are passionate about what they are doing. But even I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised by my progress, especially taking into consideration the current economic climate and concerns about budget cuts and businesses reducing their costs. So too be honest I’m very optimistic about the future and I have just started working with two very different, family run businesses.


DRE Pest Control (as their name indicates) is an independent, family run Pest Control Company, based in Swavesey. They realise, that in order to gain significant market share in Cambridge and surrounding area, they have to modernise their business and drive their marketing activities more competitively.

Cambridge Marketing Consultancy has been tasked with the formulation of a marketing strategy with the specific objective to; increase the company's online and offline profile; create consistency and coherence across the whole business and ultimately, attract more clients.

Rosie’s Childcare is a lovely, purpose built childcare Centre for children and babies, based in Waterbeach and provides a safe, fun and structured environment, encouraging effective learning and social interaction for children in their care. Rosie’s Childcare benefits from a large outdoor space and additional buildings that provide a unique opportunity to develop the Centre into an exclusive ‘nursery’ environment, but accommodating a smaller group of children then the traditional nursery set up, which for many parents (and as a parent myself) is a real advantage.


As their appointed Marketing Consultant, I am helping to drive the business forward, invigorate their marketing activities and maximise on their under-utilised potential and appeal to more parents in the local area.