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Cambridge Running & Networking Meetup


Hello! I'm Nicolle Halksworth, Marketing Director at Cambridge Marketing Consultancy. Aside from loving everything about marketing, looking after my clients and making sure my two awesome daughters grow up into two awesome adults, I also love running and try to get out for a run in Cambridge as much as possible. More on this in a minute.


The first Cambridge Running & Networking Meetup is planned for Wednesday 14 November at 12 noon. Meeting at the Green Dragon Bridge. I really hope you will join me.  


Since starting life as a marketing freelancer, some 6 years ago, the biggest thing I've noticed, or more accurately, the thing I miss the most about not working for a larger company, is the social life work gives you, and I generally miss being around like-minded professionals and colleagues, many of whom become life-long friends.   


Cambridge Running and Networking Meetup


The decision to set up my own marketing consultancy was based very much on my desire to balance a career in marketing with life as a mum, and ultimately, to create a lifestyle in which I could continue to grow as an individual. Running has become a big part of my life plus, I find running, especially outdoors, a great way to clear the mind and build exercise and structure into my working day. But actually it's become more than that, it's also a great social activity and ideal for meeting new people.


Freelancing can be isolating at the best of times, which is why I've created the Cambridge Running & Networking Meetup for other like-minded freelancers who like me enjoy running (and generally being outdoors) but struggle to get out for regular runs/ walks due to family, work or other commitments, and would like to meet up with others while also doing some exercise, and when you live in a fantastic City like Cambridge, why not?


Which leads me to the second reason for creating this group. Networking. I'm first to admit that I'm not the most comfortable networker (in the conventional way, anyway), so I figure by combing running & getting to know fellow freelancers in a more natural & relaxed environment, great things can happen!

The idea is to meet once a week (or once a month), at lunchtime (location to be decided, probably along the river though) and aim for a 5 - 10k run/ jog (all running abilities welcome).

If you're intersted in trying this meetup out, sign up here Cambridge Running & Networking Meetup