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Content marketing is a great way for businesses and brands to engage with their client base in a much more effective and personable way.    


Put simply, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable but often free-to-user content, whether that’s in a blog, newsletter, podcast, video, white paper, app, viral, tweet, magazine or online TV channel (such as you tube) with your audience. (Source: The Marketer Magazine - CIM)

Any organisation, large or small, well-established or start-up can use content marketing to reach their customer base, in a much more authentic and long-term way than via traditional advertising.  However a word of caution; the trick with content marketing is to ensure any content you produce is relevant, interesting and targeted towards your audience; it shouldn't be used as a direct-selling tool but as a way of informing and engaging with your clients on topics that appeal to their needs and interests. 


Perfectly planned & well written content could save your business thousands of pounds in wasted advertising spend and promises to increase your customer following significantly.  And because content can be shared, commented on and updated by the audience, it puts customers in the driving seat, helping your message reach a much wider audience.


How can we help?

The key to content marketing is relevance, consistency and clarity.  Content marketing should be creative, engaging and directed towards a particular audience. So, whether we're producing brochures, newsletters, adverts, articles or social media campaigns, we work hard to ensure we fully understand your objectives and more importantly, the needs of your customers.  

And, to avoid the scatter gun approach, we ensure that there is a stragetic plan in place for integrating content marketing seamlessly into your marketing mix - just as we would for any other business initiative you undertake.  


For more information on the production of engaging content and practical guidance on how to plan your content marketing strategy, call Cambridge Marketing Consultancy today and we will steer you through the process.

Content marketing

Content marketing is about taking a different approach to communicating with your audience. It’s about listening to and thinking about how you respond to your customers!


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