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Could British businesses learn from Team GB's, London 2012 success?


2012 has been a tough year for Britain; just over half way through and we’ve already experienced a double dip recession, significant youth unemployment, flooding on an unprecedented scale, drought like conditions for many of our regions and the constant threat of a European financial crisis beating down on our shores… but wait….it seems there is a silver lining amongst all this doom and gloom!


Team GB are excelling, beyond all expectation, at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Immense passion and a resilient British spirit have helped to elevate Team GB to 3rd place on the medal table.  Reaching a total of 48 medals (22 of which are Gold) by day 11, with a promise of more to follow, is simply inspirational!


Team GB


I for one have been captivated by the London 2012 Olympics; I am in awe of the skill, drive and sheer determination of our Team GB sporting heroes and their epic performances on such a fiercely competitive and global stage.


I'm overwhelmed by the support and pride shown by the British public towards this exquisite show of excellence and talent.


"Personally I couldn’t be more proud to be British right now!"


But all this Olympic success has got me thinking……


Team GB haven’t just effortlessly sauntered into the 2012 Olympics to make such a sensational impact on the competition.  Their amazing success is a direct result of serious hard work, perfect planning and execution, the right investment into equipment, support and facilities, and a steely determination to perform to the highest of their ability - and under such enormous pressure.


So I wonder; what happens if you apply the same philosophy and investment towards growing a successful business.  What could you achieve with the right investment in marketing, careful planning, perfect execution, realistic goals and 100% dedication to delivering superior customer service?


Could you elevate your business to the top of its game?