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From Nurse to Independent Bakery Owner - The Cambridge Oven


As soon as you step foot in the gorgeous new Cambridge bakery, it is impossible not to be impressed by what Jolita Durrant and her family have achieved.  Although, while her Artisan Bakery on Hills Road, Cambridge looks absolutely stunning, Joilta will be the first to admit that the journey from nurse to independent bakery owner has not been without its challenges. 


The Cambridge Oven Marketing


Like so many start-up businesses there were a number of unexpected hurdles along the way and at times everything seemed to be going against Jolita and her dream. Thankfully, Jolita’s passion and determination prevailed and she is now the proud owner of one of Cambridge’s finest independent bakeries. 


The Cambridge Oven opened its doors to a queue of excited customers on Sunday morning and has already acquired quite a following from Cambridge residents who share Jolita’s passion for delicious, healthy, homemade breads and pastries.


Marketing strategy for Cambridge Bakery


I first met Jolita at a website and branding meeting with Jane Horwood at Catfish Web Design. Our initial brief was to create a brand that would emulate Jolita’s passion for traditional home-baked breads and pastries, but with a contemporary feel.  


We bounced about a few ideas. Jolita wanted to celebrate her family's love of baking and to convey the idea that bread and baking could bring a community together. We took inspiration from the Italian and French communal ovens and shared spaces for baking that were popular during the 13th & 14th Century, and from this The Cambridge Oven was born. 


The Cambridge Oven logo was designed by our super talented graphic designer, Sarah Croft of Croft Design.



Phase two involved the development of a marketing strategy that would help Jolita deliver The Cambridge Oven and her products to her customers.  Creating a community of real bread lovers is key to The Cambridge Oven’s success, and the most effective way to do this, prior to the bakery opening was through social media. 


The Cambridge Oven’s Facebook page has been instrumental in building a loyal customer base. By keeping people informed of progress, responding to comments and tempting people with photos of their products, Jolita and her team were able to generate genuine excitement and interest in their new bakery without a single customer stepping through the door.


It was also important for The Cambridge Oven to have a strong online presence. Together with Jane and her team at Catfish Web Design, we have created a beautiful website for Jolita, which compliments the contemporary design and warmth of her Cambridge Bakery. We’ve loved working with Jolita and her family at The Cambridge Oven


This marketing and branding project owes its success to a unique collaboration of specialists in branding, web design, photography and marketing. I hope you will agree the result looks great. But hey, don't take my word for it, check out The Cambridge Oven for yourself.  Their melt-in-mouth Cruffins are fantastic!