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Getting the most out of business exhibitions


Business exhibitions are not everyone’s cup of tea, however executed properly, they can be a great way to help grow your business.

All too often, businesses turn up to exhibitions and networking events without a clear strategy or focus. Many businesses attend because they think they should, or because their competitors are going to be there - and the measures of success are often blinkered to generating business leads or sales, which let’s be honest, in today’s socially vibrant world it's a rather short-sighted way of thinking.


I’ve been to many B2B exhibitions with clients over the years and every time I see the same businesses promoting themselves in the same way. The stands are almost identical to their neighbour, with gold fish bowls and generic ‘Win a bottle of Champagne’ competitions in exchange for business cards on almost every stand. Exhibitors are often dressed in suits hiding behind tables and stacks of marketing material, practically avoiding eye contact with anyone that happens to wander past their stand.


And let’s not forget the pushy sales person, you know the one, who only wants to talk at you not too you and is far more interested in what they can offer you (whether you want it to hear or not) than finding out what you might be able to offer them.


Having said all this, my attitude towards exhibiting at such events has changed over the past couple of years. An increasing number of companies and forward-thinking brands, including one of my clients, CKLG Accountants are changing the way they view and embrace the opportunities B2B events offer.



For CKLG Accountants and other like-minded companies, B2B Exhibitions offer much more than a chance to promote your brand, services or products.  For these businesses, every event they go to presents:


At Cambridge Marketing Consultantancy we’ve helped our clients move on from the static, generic and traditional approach to exhibiting, we’ve removed the barriers between them and anyone wanting to interact with them, and we turn up with a completely fresh way of thinking.  And - it’s working!



So, next time you think about exhibiting I urge you to try something a bit different. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

And remember, B2B exhibitions offer so much more than just a place to promote your business, they are about people, relationships and collaboration.