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Marketing - making a powerful 1st impression


Positive first impressions form powerful long-term relationships…


Marketing - Making a positive 1st impression

For most of us, when encountering a person, product, company or service for the first time, we form an impression based on our initial experience, thoughts and feelings at the time, and little can be done to persuade us otherwise; especially if our encounter is a negative one. 



The first few seconds are all it takes for people to get a sense of what you and your company are about and to decide whether or not to pursue a relationship further, so it’s vital that all first encounters with potential customers display the right balance of a strong brand image, good service and values, and a commitment to meet your customers’ needs.


Imagine for a second, if you will, that you are on a first date and about to meet someone for the first time; you already have an idea in your mind of how a first date should go and an image of the type of person you would like to date. 


So, what would you think if, your date turned up badly dressed, arrogant and showed very little interest in you or your needs? Most likely you would make your excuses after the first course (if, you even managed to get that far) and politely leave, vowing not to see that person ever again.


In highly competitive business environments first impressions are just as important! Today’s consumer audience are consistently bombarded with an extensive range of products, services, deals and promises of superior customer service and quality!  And as a result, companies are reaching out to their customers in more elaborate and creative ways every day.   


Online marketing is a significant component of the marketing programmes for successful organisations and websites play a pivotal role in attracting new customers, building customer relationships and instilling confidence in your products, services and values.


You website is often one of many competing for the same target audience, so what it is about your website that makes a consumer decide to stay until the desert and maybe even arrange a second date?