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Running a business: A marathon not a sprint


Last weekend I achieved something I never thought I would do - my first ever half marathon. 

If I’m completely honest the challenge I set myself almost 12 months ago seemed like a pipe dream (I’m not exactly built for running) and I doubted myself (and my body) many times along the way.

But, thankfully and because of sheer determination, dedicated training and a huge amount of support from fellow runners and my family and friends, I can proudly say ‘I did it’. 

So, what has running a marathon got to do with running a business I hear you ask? Well, a lot actually. 

Most businesses start life as an idea or an ambition. And while goals, motivations, successes and failures may differ from business to business, the journey is very much the same.  To achieve our goals and move forward in business, we must understand our strengths, address our weaknesses, confront anything that may threaten our survival and take advantage of the opportunities that await us. 

In essence, we need a plan - ’a strategy for success’ if you will, to ensure we achieve our goals and adapt to any obstacles that may prevent or hinder our journey.  Training for a half marathon was not an easy journey for me - it required focus, investment, dedication and a strong support team – very much like running my consultancy business actually.  

And, just like when training for a half marathon – in business, things go wrong, life gets in the way and insecurities threaten our self believe. But it’s at these moments we should celebrate our achievements, focus on our strengths and seek assistance from the team we’ve built around us.

Successful businesses are not built in a day, they take time, commitment, energy and drive and while many businesses fail to survive past a year, those that do survive and take the time to reflect, adapt and harness their strengths will continue to flourish for years to come.