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Video launched for CKLG Accountants in Cambridge


We're loving the video we created for our client CKLG Accountants with Little Dragon Films. 



Our brief was to create a professional video that captured the values, culture and personality of CKLG Accountants in a friendly, open and honest way.  


Public perception of accountants and tax advisers is that they are boring, untrustworthy (mainly since the economic crisis) and only ever wear grey suits.  CKLG Accountants in Cambridge are working hard to change this perception and want to project an image that is modern, forward-thinking, dynamic and approachable.  


The objective of this video is to displace any previous misconceptions you may have about accountants and tax advisers and instead help you discover a team of friendly and highly qualified individuals who are fully committed to helping manage your finances in a legal, ethical and effective way.  


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