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What is content marketing?


Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable but often free-to-user content, whether that’s in a blog, newsletter, podcast, video, white paper, app, viral, tweet, magazine or online TV channel (such as you tube) with your audience. (Source: The Marketer Magazine - CIM)

Any organisation, large or small, well-established or new business should be using content marketing to reach their clientele in a more authentic, targeted and strategic way. 


So what's the trick to writing great, optimised content across all your marketing activities?


The trick with content marketing is to ensure any content you produce is relevant, interesting and targeted towards your audience; it shouldn't be used as a direct-selling tool but as a way of informing and engaging with your clients on topics that appeal to their needs and interests. 


Perfectly planned & well written content could save your business thousands of pounds in wasted advertising spend and promises to increase your customer following significantly.  And because content can be shared, commented on and updated by the audience, it puts customers in the driving seat, helping your message reach a much wider audience.


Optimising your content for online marketing channels


The main objective for any content marketing strategy is to reach your intended audience at the right time, with the right content and in a format they are most likely to engage with.  There's very little point in writing great content but not telling anyone about it.


Optimising content for your audience and the channels you choose to distribute your content are just as important as the content you produce. When writing your content you should consider the following:


Where should you be publishing your content? 

We can help you put together a content marketing strategy for your company.